My Own Mortality

For reasons I will not go into here, I’ve had cause to consider my own mortality earlier today, I was not being morbid or feeling depressed, I was just pondering about life in general.

The thought occurred to me, that I would want a particular piece of music to be played at my funeral. This isn’t something new, I’ve left instructions in my will to request this piece of music.

However, over the years I’ve purchased this track on a 7 inch vinyl single, a 12 inch vinyl single, a CD single, a CD album, a “best of” CD album.

It won’t be long before you will have to visit a museum to actually see some equipment that can play the various formats I have. It has found its way on and off various phones, mp3 players, ipods and even the odd minidisk (remember them).

I so wonder though, will my immediate family, be able to find a copy when the time comes. Probably not very easily unless I happen to be listening to it when my life ends.

Is there an opportunity for some kind of personalised digital safe for keeping these kind of memories?

There are already storage solutions for all data which can include videos, photos and music. The problem is though that you cant easily leave delegated authority for someone to access the information after the account holder has gone.

You only need to hear stories of people trying to get family members account details deleted off social networking sites after they have passed away. I’ve heard first hand of someone who keeps getting emails asking if they want to be friends with their deceased Uncle.

Anyway, I’m not sure it will make someone millions. However, I would probably pay a fee for such a service that has guarantees to deliver. Perhaps it already exists, I hope I find it in time.

Life Online

As I sit here on mute, on another conference call, during another IT project roll out I began to think about life online.

I’ve been using the Internet since about 1994 using gopher to find information, long before google or bing. I remember using the World Wide Web Worm to search for things prior to the new upstart yahoo appearing on the scene. I don’t really get Twitter, or Facebook, but I am constantly finding new interesting information and articles on various blogs which have proved valuable over the years.

So here I am, a bit of an IT nerd according to those who know me. I’m interested in technology, IT security, online deception scams and sharing knowledge. I thought it time I tried to give something back to the online community rather than being a sponge and just soaking it all up. So here it is, a collection of random knowledge nuggets, How-To’s and Rants.

Hopefully at least one page I publish will help or assist others in pursuit of their goals. Time will tell, if you find any of it useful, then great and welcome to The Orb….